Thursday, April 7, 2011

In the Beginning - 40 Books?

Am I nuts? I was told by someone I admire that if I read 40 to 50 books on one subject I'll become an expert on that subject. I love brewing and have a major fault in my attention span and focus. So I set this blog up as a challenge to myself and those demons. I have other interests and goals mind you but I think this will set a standard for the others. I could write about politics or computers but beer is so much more interesting don't you agree?

Right now I'm shooting for 10 before the end of July 2011. I'll read and post my thoughts on each of them. As I progress I hope to grow my knowledge of brewing, beer, and everything that goes with it. The main focus will be on brewing. If I throw in a book or two on it's history I hope you'll understand. Yes recipe books count as well since each recipe brews up different challenges and situations.
Here goes.

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